Insight From Semalt: Different Types Of SEO

The Internet can be a source of clients for any company. Big companies benefit from the use of internet through which they get customers from around the globe. Web masters who operate these websites are usually limited in time to boost their websites rankings. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method which can increase your web presence and thus boost sales. SEO can also increase the traffic you get from search engines.

Businesses get numerous benefits from SEO. However, every e-commerce business may require some particular degree of internet marketing to be successful. For instance, some firms use methods such as content marketing to fetch clients, while the others companies may be using Social Media Marketing (SMM) to get their customers. In this regard, Alexander Peresunko, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, offers you to get acquainted with the following SEO types:

    White Hat SEO. This is SEO which follows all the guidelines of a particular search engine. This method is the best and can have long term benefits for a website. For instance, White Hat SEO uses such methods like link building, content creation, keyword research as well as other legitimate ranking techniques. If a site owner uses a White Hat SEO, his/her site will have much better rankings in the Google SERP than the sites of his/her competitors. In a word, using this method is the best SEO practice ever.

    Black Hat SEO. Sometimes, people may try to trick the search engine algorithm. In this case, people can play with the criterion through which it ranks websites. People tend to get some biased ranking results by using Black Hat methods. These techniques promise to give you awesome results in a considerably short span of time. However, Black Hat SEO can make a search engine penalize a website and even completely kill your rankings. In the worst scenario, your site can be de-indexed from the search engines.

    Grey Hat SEO. When using White or Black Hat SEO, there are different methods which webmasters can employ to maneuver between these two SEO types. Grey Hat SEO has all the methods which are neither qualified as Black Hat nor as the White Hat. Some methods such as keyword stuffing are commonly used in Black Hat SEO. On the other hand, such tricks as the application of negative SEO for competitors' website can make a difference for your business. The Grey Hat technique can significantly lower the ranks of your competitors in the SERP.


E-commerce websites have an advantage of getting clients from the web; using SEO can help a site to increase its domain authority as well as boost rankings. Big companies use this chance by setting up successful websites for their enterprises. Owners of online businesses can get their customers in the way people interact with the search engine network as well as through the paid advertisements present in their web master's tools. You can optimize the presence of your website by using some of the SEO types mentioned in the article.

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